® The official sign of Wellness & Weight Loss
® The official sign of Wellness & Weight Loss
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    Sometimes we fail to recognize the importance of losing weight. Once we do it is challenging to decide how or where we should go. For some that can be a lengthy process. Many patients have tried different options and a variety of exercise programs never achieving their goals. After deciding that the medical approach is a viable option there are more questions. Should I go to an office or could I get some advice using Telemedicine? How do I know which medical weight loss company to call? What medications or supplements are available to address my issues? All of these are legitimate concerns and create hesitation and for many confusion.

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    6 Day Weight Loss addresses the how and where part of the problem. Each of the concerns can be dealt with by experts that have been seeing weight loss patients for years. Do not let anyone tell you losing weight is easy because it is not. It takes some effort and the will to become healthier, look better and avoid the many health concerns caused by excess weight. If patients can put forth the necessary effort to lose 200 pounds….so can you. 6 Day Weight Loss provides both brick and mortar offices and an option to have weight loss consultations online and receive supplement and or medication by mail should the medical provider recommend them.

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    We are medical providers that have consulted with over 200,000 patients over the past 15 years. Our brick and mortar offices are open for those of you in the los Angeles area.

    Our offices are experts at medical weight loss…that is all they do. Unlike many medical offices we do not treat a myriad of diseases…only medical weight loss.

    Now patient’s throughout California can benefit from our experience and knowledge to assist you with your goals to lose weight and improve your overall health and wellness.

Don’t you want to know which breakfast is better for you, or which type of exercise will complement your diet to help you lose weight? These are easy questions that can easily be addressed by our team.