® The official sign of Wellness & Weight Loss
® The official sign of Wellness & Weight Loss
Using our text based APP allows you to interface with our medical providers and start you on your way.

How To Make the Decision?

If you are at our website there are only a few choices you need to consider. Remember this is ALL ABOUT YOU. Each decision going forward should be one you make selfishly knowing that each benefit helps you and your family.

Some of you have issues that contribute to your weight concerns. DO YOU SLEEP WELL? DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH ENERGY? You might not realize how important those things are. We developed products to assist our patients and found the response so good they were presented on SHARK TANK. Are you under stress from kids, family, employment, financial issues etc? All need to be addressed to accomplish the mission.

What are you looking to accomplish?

If you are thinking that dropping a few pounds in the coming weeks will be the change you are looking for you will be disappointed.

Are you looking for a permanent solution to a weight problem?

Then you need to make a commitment that will allow you to succeed.

What will 6 Day Weight Loss help me with?

Our program looks at the long term so yo-yo dieting can be avoided.

Do you know what the most dangerous thing is that you can do?

There is nothing more damaging to your body than gaining and losing weight…it is no joke. Starting and stopping a weight loss program is leading you to huge potential problems.

When I am shopping for somewhere to go for help what should I look for?

As with anything else you should look for the most experienced people to help you. Let’s take a closer look at that. Many medical clinics provide all kinds of different services. There is nothing negative about that because they are looking to assist the most number of people possible. That is a valuable service and needed in most communities. But when you are looking for someone to assist with a single issue like weight loss it would be of benefit to be seen by providers that only see weight loss patients instead of people with back aches, headaches, sore throats, coughs, dizziness, balance issues, joint pain etc. It does not mean those providers are not great at what they do……IT JUST MEANS THAT IF YOU DO SOMETHING HUNDREDS OF TIMES A WEEK FOR A DECADE YOU HAVE MORE EXPERIENCE THAT SOMEONE THAT DOES IT TEN TIMES A WEEK.

What are the main reasons I would choose 6 Day Weight Loss?

It sounds like the answer would be a commercial here but the reality is that 6 Day Weight Loss has seen hundreds of thousands of patients and heard most every story possible. Our providers have a huge tool box of potential solutions whether in our brick and mortar offices or with our telemedicine approach. We work with ten medications along with some of the best supplement products developed for our patients.

The ultimate decision will be yours. What can I expect if I choose 6 Day Weight Loss?

Know that our tool box is full of popular products such as Phentermine, Diethylpropion , Phendimetrazine, along with the knowledge and experience to help you succeed. If you are looking to make your life better for you and your family, treat this as a life long goal to get healthy and stay that way. The number of illnesses caused by being overweight isn’t solved by a short term approach, and in many cases it can make things much worse.

I always hear that being overweight causes other things….what kinds of things?

The CDC knows the following is a small list of issues caused by excess weight. THE FOLLOWING LIST SHOULD BE A GOOD ENOUGH REASON TO GET MOVING ON A WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM AND STICK TO IT!

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