® The official sign of Wellness & Weight Loss
® The official sign of Wellness & Weight Loss

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Clients Say...

“ I highly recommend 6 Day Weight Loss. Over the years I have tried many diet plans and always failed. This program is great. The doctors teach you a healthy lifestyle and supplement this with medication that really works. I have been able to reach my goal weight and maintain it.”

Victoria M

“Six Day Weight Loss has proved helpful in my goal to lose weight. Since I have difficulty losing weight, like most people, anything that helps me is worthwhile...overall I lost 190 pounds* in a total weight loss program…“WOW!”, it’s a great feeling.

Lenore S

“ I have tried many ways to lose weight and haven't been successful. I started 6 day weight loss back in March 2014 and have been very pleased with the results. I have achieved half of my target weight loss. The doctor is very helpful in giving suggestions on healthy eating and maintaing. I would recommend 6 day weight loss to anyone trying to lose weight.”


“Finally a program that works with a wonderful, caring staff and environment. As I lost weight, I built self-esteem. I also gained emotional support for happiness, health, and a lifetime change.”

Teri G

"I have been going to 6 Day Weight Loss for almost a year. I have finally found the results I looked so long for. The doctors at the Reseda location are great. I have kept the weight off, and look forward….”


“There are all kinds of studies that show that parents who have problems with weight often wind up raising children who, in turn, have problems with their weight.”

- Dr. Nunlee-Bland (NPR)