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For over 20 years I have been helping people reach their weight loss goals. Every good health regimen, including weight loss, should include exercise and a healthy diet. But many people don't realize how important high-quality sleep, high energy levels, and a strong immune system are for losing weight.
-- Dr. O'Driscol, M.D. (retired)

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Feeling frustrated with other weight loss programs and tired of them not living up to the hype?

Do you constantly wonder why you’re not losing weight, even
though you are putting in effort?

Do you wonder why celebrities and the stars of Hollywood seem to lose weight so quickly and continue to look slim with lasting results?

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6 Day Weight Loss

Professional assistance from one of the leading medical weight loss centers located in Southern California

With physical locations in Van Nuys, Reseda and Palmdale, California.
Stop waiting for results and make the most of your efforts, utilizing the resources of medical professionals that will help you through each step
of your weight loss journey. There are no overnight solutions to weight
loss, but with our team on your side, you’re going to love the results.

Choose the plan that is right for you, getting the help that is unique to
your needs and specific weight management goals.

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The Overview of
Successful weight management

Many people have tried to lose weight and then either are unsuccessful or they lose it, only to have it
come back again later. This is a vicious cycle that you don’t need to be a part of.
Thankfully, 6 Day Weight Loss provides the ultimate solution.

Is Losing Weight
Important To You?

Losing weight can improve self confidence, health and overall appreciation of life. You deserve to live a life you love!

Why Does Weight Loss Matter?

Long term fat storage can wear down the body quickly, leading to health issues and loss of motivation with each unsuccessful attempt. Lose the weight now to prevent damage down the road.

What Can you Do?

Make the decision to lose the weight and take the steps to ensure success. 6 Day Weight Loss provides you will the tools and professional insight to shed those pounds for good.

“Making sudden, radical changes to eating habits such as eating nothing but cabbage soup, can lead to short term weight loss. However, such radical changes are neither healthy nor a good idea, and won't be successful in the long run.”

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If you’ve been unsuccessful in your attempts to lose weight - you are not alone! Don’t let that stop you. You deserve to feel beautiful, be happy and live the life you want. Now is your time and we can help.

Professionally constructed weight
loss plan by experienced experts.

Live and video consultations to
help you stay on track.

Team includes Physician Assistant (PA),
Nurse Practitioner (NP), and Medical
Doctor (MD).

Access to gourmet meals prepared
to meet your diet and nutrition need.

Access to proprietary supplements to
boost your weight loss.

Affordable! Get everything for only a
few dollars a day!

Don’t you want to know which breakfast is better for you, or which type of exercise will complement your diet to help you lose weight? These are easy questions that can easily be addressed by our team.

Weight Loss is
Easier Than You Think

One of the secret weapons that celebrities have with their weight loss is constant support. You think they do it all on their own?

Now, you too, can have your own personal team of
professionals helping you so that you can see similar results.

Your plan choices all include regular check-in meetings with your own weight loss coach, either in a facility or from the comfort of your own home over a telemedicine system through a live HD video feed.

No need for fighting traffic or getting frustrated.

No excuses!

Combine this plan with tasty gourmet food, tailored to your weight loss needs and the proper tools to lose weight and keep it off and you’re set for success.

The only thing stopping you from the body that you have always wanted is taking that first step and making a commitment to yourself.

Our Team Is Ready To Help You Change Your Body...
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Register and choose your consultation plan - 1 month, 2 months, 4 months. Professionally supervised and managed weight loss for as little as $3 per day!

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Choose your initial consultation appointment. Plan to either come to one of our weight loss facilities, or use our Telemedicine Remote Consultation, for your initial assessment with our weight loss professionals.

Step3Lose Weight

Following your initial consultation, begin losing weight with our customized plans, proprietary supplements, and the support & guidance of your team.

“The one-third of adults who are obese, could reduce their risk
of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer by 70% with
weight control” -NIH

What our
Clients Say...

“ I highly recommend 6 Day Weight Loss. Over the years I have tried many diet plans and always failed. This program is great. The doctors teach you a healthy lifestyle and supplement this with medication that really works. I have been able to reach my goal weight and maintain it.”

Victoria M

“Six Day Weight Loss has proved helpful in my goal to lose weight. Since I have difficulty losing weight, like most people, anything that helps me is worthwhile...overall I lost 190 pounds* in a total weight loss program…“WOW!”, it’s a great feeling.

Lenore S

“ I have tried many ways to lose weight and haven't been successful. I started 6 day weight loss back in March 2014 and have been very pleased with the results. I have achieved half of my target weight loss. The doctor is very helpful in giving suggestions on healthy eating and maintaing. I would recommend 6 day weight loss to anyone trying to lose weight.”


“Finally a program that works with a wonderful, caring staff and environment. As I lost weight, I built self-esteem. I also gained emotional support for happiness, health, and a lifetime change.”

Teri G

"I have been going to 6 Day Weight Loss for almost a year. I have finally found the results I looked so long for. The doctors at the Reseda location are great. I have kept the weight off, and look forward….”


“There are all kinds of studies that show that parents who have problems with weight often wind up raising children who, in turn, have problems with their weight.”

- Dr. Nunlee-Bland (NPR)

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